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For as long as I can remember, sports and fitness have always been a huge part of my life. When my competitive career came to an end, I had to decide what to do in this crazy world. With no athletics, a huge void appeared. As the years went by, I found myself getting back involved coaching athletics and helping others reach their goals through personal training.I have found my calling!

Building Brickhouse Strength, my gym located in Bethlehem, PA dedicated to helping people and athletes alike achieve their goals in health & nutrition, has taken up a significant part of my life over the past five years, and, now, I look to take it one step further.

My extensive career in sports performance, personal coaching, and fitness has allowed me the opportunity to cultivate an unique perspective on the world, and, after several considerations, I am starting The Chris Fluck Podcast, with the help and support of friends & family, to share that perspective with listeners and visitors alike. Hope you enjoy!


Founder/Owner of Brickhouse Strength

and Executive Producer, Host of The Chris Fluck Podcast

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Co-Producer of The Chris Fluck Podcast

Owner of Chris Fiegel Photography

Chris Fiegel met Chris Fluck in 2013 when Fiegel joined the Saucon Valley Football team in Hellertown, PA. Since then, they have developed a personal and professional connection that has led to both the continual growth of Brickhouse Strength and the start of The Chris Fluck Podcast. 

Fiegel, a current undergraduate at Pennsylvania State University, pursues several ventures, ranging from freelance professional audio work to professional photography to much more. He likes to hike, create music with his sister, Brielle, and read the various texts and academia surrounding human nature. 

He is excited to be a part of building The Chris Fluck Podcast, and he hopes to help bring stories and topics of interest to life in the episodes and interviews produced through the podcast. 

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