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Goal Setting to the NOW

This weeks podcast was a great conversation with an old friend of mine from high school. This man works his butt off as he owns a gym, has a family, and competes in physique competitions. These physique competitors have a more natural look than bodybuilders and they are judged on muscularity, symmetry, stage presence and personality. During the conversation, we discussed goals and how he prepares for each competition. His answer could be applied to everything in life.

"Start with the end in mind".

That is what he said when asked about his preparation. How did he see himself when the bright lights were on and it was showtime. For him, it was getting his bodyfat percentage down to a certain point and making sure his poses were on point. In business, he took a look into the future and thought about what he wanted his future life to look like and then backtracked from there. Same could be said for his family life.

A few years ago a friend of mine lent me a book titled The One Thing. The premise of this book was to identify what your one big thing would be in life and then do everything in your power to accomplish that one thing. When discussing goal setting, the authors used an approach titled Goal Setting to the Now.

Goal setting to the now is the concept of taking your long-term goals and breaking them down to understand what needs to be done at different stages. It’s a reverse engineering that gets you from the distant future to today.

Step One: Identify your long-term goals – Where do you want to be in 10, 15, 20 years?

Step Two: Bring it closer to the present – Where do you need to be in five years to reach your long-term goals?

Step Three: Break it down to an annual goal – To get to where you need to be in five years, what goals do you need to reach within the next year?

Step Four: Identify monthly and weekly stepping stone goals – What do you need to achieve each week to hit monthly milestones that will bring you to your yearly goal?

By using this goal setting process, you start with where you see yourself in 20 years and reverse engineer all the way back to the point of what you are doing right now, in this present moment. This tool is extremely useful and gives you the ability and the power to design your life the way you want it to be. Talking to him was a nice reminder that it may be time to sit down and work this out once again!

Chris Fluck

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