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Brickhouse Strength Gym Culture

Why Does This Gym Exist? This business was created to nurture people who are seeking a more fit life, but who can’t find the help and support they need to be successful in traditional, mainstream membership clubs. We are here to supply leadership to everyone in our area who struggle with their health and fitness and who cannot find the answers they need to be successful in typical fitness facilities.

Why We Feel Training is the Key to Success Fitness is motion and motion is life! If an individual wants to maintain the highest standard of living throughout their life, then they need to participate in a challenging fitness program at a minimum of 8-12 times per month. The core to achieving long-term success in fitness is strength training, which is the heart of our training program and is the key to sustainable health and fitness over time.

Our Mission Statement We Change Lives! This gym exists for one reason and that is to constantly challenge and lead our members to achieve the highest level of sustainable fitness they can reach. We have an obligation to our members to provide a safe environment and to help as many as we can reach their goals and beyond. We are here to change lives and we have the opportunity to do that every single time someone walks through our front door. Our staff ask themselves at the end of the workday: “Did I make a difference today? Did I change somebody’s life today? ​ The Philosophy of Success in This Gym

  • We provide leadership and guidance in fitness through training.

  • Everyone is trained as an athlete no matter the age or current conditioning.

  • Everyone is treated as equals. We never prejudge potential by their current condition, by age, by color, by orientation. Everyone sweats together in this gym.

  • Strength rules. Strength training is the foundation for success in this gym, and if you only have one workout per week, the emphasis should be on improving strength!

  • Upright, holistic, full body is our current approach.

  • You can’t out-train a bad diet. We teach nutrition by addition (say, by, adding a salad to your daily schedule) and reduction (getting rid of that nighttime ice cream habit).

  • Never to failure- but always to challenge.

  • Lift challenging weights, do it often, and do it like you mean it!

  • We do not say, “No, you can’t”. We say, “Yes, it can be done, but you have to put in the work”. The word “No” limits us.

  • We see everyone as someone who comes to us with an issue that needs to be addressed. We will resolve it.

  • Our workout format (maximum of 60 minutes) is designed so everyone can get in and out of the gym in less than one hour. This format is what we follow for all training sessions, no matter the size.

Our Workout Format

  • Take some time to introduce yourself to others. We figure, if you sweat with them you might as well know their name.

  • If you come early, take some time to foam roll, stretch, and any other corrective work that may be needed.

  • Gradual warmup: 8-10 minutes. We warm up for the exercises we will be doing for that day.

  • Core Work: 2-5 minutes. The core has to be strong and built to last. We do it every session.

  • Strength Training: 20-25 minutes. Over this time, we will push, pull, squat, carry, and move weight in a variety of other ways.

  • Finisher: 4-10 minutes. This is that final burn before we send you on your way.

  • Cooldown: 1-10 minutes. This period allows you to kickstart the recovery process immediately after the workout ends. 

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